Hello my name is Adam, I am in seventh grade and I am the BOMB!! Two of my best friends are Alisa and Brianna, Brianna is the one in the picture with me haha.
What I do in school: I hang out with my friends, I learn of course, and I be as dumb as I can! :)
What I do at home: I hang out and chill, I play outside, I work, and I drum. :)
What I do during summer: I chill :)
Here are my 3 amazing pieces of writing, enjoy :D

Ring pop I miss you so, you were my best friend from 1st hour to 3rd hour, you were really sweat and fun to have on my finger. Its to bad you got eaten because I wish I still had you! If I still had you I would eat you again but it would be even more fun because I would eat you more slowly and i would keep the ring part of the ring pop! If only I didn't eat you! I regret what I have done to you so please come back to me after you get out of the hospital! I love you so and I am very very sorry for what I have done so I beg of you to please come back to me and we can forget about the past and I will not eat you I will just lick you! Please be my valentine ring pop, we could be happy together

Thee Suckiest day EVER

Well today pretty much just plane sucks! Okay so first today I had to do tons of homework for 2 hours, then I had to ride in the car all the way to Cadillac to just look at a used mustang that we didn’t end up buying, and then once I got home a thunderstorm started and it nocked out our TV and I’m grounded from video games. After the storm was over I hopped on my bike and then the tire fell off and I got road rash on my hiney. After all of this I decided to just take a nap and you’ll never guess what went wrong there, well my dog jumped up and gave me the ultimate face lick! YUCK! So finally after about 10 try’s I passed out but no I couldn't have a peaceful sleep, my stupid brain just HAD to give me a nightmare…. UGH!!
(not a true story)


The fridge was running and so was my fan so I had to catch them. I hurried and set my laptop on my night stand and grabbed my umbrella and ran out into the rain that Surprisingly stopped right once I got outside! I looked through the woods and I looked all around the yard but I could not find the fridge or my fan! And better yet I had just noticed the furnace was running to because I saw it leaping across the yard right in the corner of my eye. It was night time so I flicked on my flashlight and there was the furnace leaping faster and faster into the road! VROOOM! OH NO SOMEONE CALL THE DOCTER MY FURNACE JUST GOT HIT BY A CAR! I went and I picked him up and all of a sudden a Train whizzed right passed me! WOW this is a crazy night I shouted! Then a Bearded Unicorn offered me a ride and sadly I declined. I dragged the furnace up to the porch and covered him up with a blanket and let him rest there. He was very effervescent so I was worried. I picked up an almond and ate it and continued my search for the Fridge and the Fan. I was getting quite angry now. Those to think they are the rulers of the world well I will show those two whose boss! I found them at a local body shop and there excuse was: This man saved our Lives! Our circuits were shortening out and he fixed us! He should be a proud man! I bet he could sail across the Atlantic if he wanted! But he works at this boring Industry!
that is a link to one of the worlds most annoying songs haha

My favorite book this year was Percy Jackson, I LOVED that book!! :D
Now here are a couple of fun animals to play around with don't worry they don't bite, have fun! :) haha

Hope you enjoyed :) bye!