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Hi, my name is Alex.I am thirteen years old and I have three siblings one sister and two brothers, so there are four of us in total. I have a large collection of animals from dogs and cats to chickens and hamsters. We currently own four dogs, three cats, three kitttens, fifty(ish) chickens, eight chicks, eight ducks, one hamster, one bunny, like thirteen fish, and a goat. We also foster dogs for a rescue, Ollie a poodle and Goldie a Pit bull mix. I love all the animals we own...Except the poodle, he is a awful dog, the only reason we like him is because he is cute other than that trust me I would not hesitate to kick him across the room!!

  • This is Ollie, he is a male five year old poodle.
We are fostering him for a rescue he is VERY
vocal and far from being my favorite dog ever!
This is Goldie. She is a female pit bull she
also being fostered by us. She is a big lug
that chews on everything. She even chewed
up the vacuum! When we pulled Goldie from
a shelter she had parvovirus... But she survived!

We also have Isabelle. She is a purebred
cocker spaniel. She is five years old and
we got her from our cousin when she was
just six months old! She is almost all black
(which is suppose to be a rare color for them)
and she doesn't have any allergies or health
which is extremely rare for a cocker spaniel.

Then, there is Faleene. She is a rat terrier. She is my dog.
I got her for Christmas a few years ago, she is very smart
and little! She is white with little tan spots. She LOVES to run!

Skeeter: We rescued him from being put down at the shelter.
He is a pomeranian chihuahua mix. Skeeter is a very sweet little boy
with a lot of energy! He loves to play fetch and eats ANYTHING!!
My brother dropped a pill on the ground and he ate it!

Dixi: She is a Rat Terrier also. She is Feleene's mother. We
got her from a home where they were not properly taken care of. We
were at first fostering her but, my mom just couldn't give her up.....
She has a big underbite and it is weird and ugly looking...

Skittsie: We got Skittsie when I was in fifth grade. She came to us as a
drop off/ stray... and she never left! Skittsie is a calico/tabby and somewhere
along the line she has siamese because she has siamese kittens all the time!

Tiger: Tiger we got when we first moved into our new house. So he is almost
seven years old! He is a orange tabby cat that is neutered and de-clawed. He is
a very sweet OBESE cat!!

Lilli:We got Lilli as a stray. She was very scared when we first caught her but now she
couldn't imagine life with out people. We named her Lilli because we already had a cat
named Tiger so we thought it would be cool to have Tiger and Lilli like the plant Tiger-Lilly.
She is a beautiful calico, she is mostly white with brown and black spots.

Kittens: These are the kittens that Skittsie had this year.... A male siamese looking kitten
and then two calico females. They are all very social and sweet! The kittens are about six
weeks old and need new homes....Do you want one?....

This is Mikey:
Mikey is my bunny...NO, I didn't name him my sister did. Mikey is a lion head rabbit we got
about five years ago. He is very sweet but is a master escape artist! You can lock his cage
yet some how he still gets out thank goodness he doesn't go to far.

This is Maggie:
We got Maggie last summer, she is a pygmy goat who LOVES oak leaves....and clothes...
She is very sweet and has never tried to buck you with her horns or bite you! She really will
eat your homework though...!!!!

All the little things:
We have a few gold fish that we have in our inside pond and outside pond. Then we have a
hamster that is fat and tries to eat your fingernails! I also have a bunch of chickens and ducks!
We even have eight baby chicks!

My three writing stories:
#1- Pumkins
The pumpkin grew brighter as she lowered the knife, The pumpkin jerked away and was suddenly rolling on the table…It sounded like it was screaming don’t cut me please!! It was on the floor by now sitting still while I was still screaming and freaking out… I had to get rid of that horrid talking thing so I did the fastest thing I could think of… I stepped on it and it yelled please don't hurt me please I will do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt me, I want to live!!! The girl listen to the pumpkin and slowly motioned to touch it, the pumpkin rolled back a little bit… Hesitating not knowing what the girl would do… Suddenly a man rushed in the house and said GIVE ME THAT PUMPKIN!!! The girl screamed no I bought him he is mine now.. The man told her it was a special pumpkin and while they sat and argued the pumpkin rolled away off into the dark silence. He sat hidden until the man decided to leave he came out and the girl was laying on the floor the pumpkin slowly rolled over to her and sat quietly looking for any signs of life……

Where To?
She was told she was to NEVER read that book, to never open it, to not even agno ledge its existence. If she or any other child were to open the book, she may disappear and never be returned.
The child was now curious of what was in the book she was tempted to sneak back into the restricted section of James’s library just to see what would actually happen if she were to open the book. Yet, she remained wondering if it would actually happen, if she would actually disappear only to never return, she thought about where she would go and what she would do.
The next day she wondered up to the library and walked in, she was slinking of into the shadows of the library towards the restricted section, she crept closer and closer, she could see the book by now it had large print on it saying “CAUTION” in large letters, it was very heavy seaming to weigh as much as 10lbs, almost stained with little particles of fuzz and dust, I could tell I had been there for what seamed like ages. It had the looks of a old witch craft book. It had faint pictures of wands, frogs, and big couldrens or pots.
Later that night I couldn't sleep so I opened the book and read chapter 3 it was titled, “Where Too?” I continued on and it was telling me think of a place I just made up an imaginary dark world I would have anyone to tell me what to do. Later I fell asleep in a daze…
I woke up freezing so I got up to go get more blankets….I headed towards where my closet once was but… something poked me, so I opened my eyes and there were many large pricker plants in place of my closet, I thought it was just a dream so I consentrated on waking up but I suddenly realized this was no dream. I started screaming something replied with a loud, overwhelming howl, it sounded very close.
A flash of various colors appeared and disappeared immediately, only to show up again right in front of me, I fell on my butt, screaming, and crying, hoping whatever it was would go away… But it remained staring at me right in front of me…. I didn't know what to do…

#3- The Stream-
I was at the stream happily playing in the water with my dog, she jumped in and I dove after her chasing her through the water playing. She stood very still for a moment and sniffed the air, she started to bay, and howl, louder and louder, she was rushing at something and then backing up to turn around and rush whatever it was again. I slowly crept closer to have a look at whatever the fascinating creature was, I saw deep chocolate brown fur it was almost black, it covered a vast area of the ground… I thought for a moment… Then I slowly and quietly started to back up when I realized I was a mere 12 inches from a sleeping bear. I got about ten feet away and grabbed my dog and closed her mouth to help her stop barking, I then saw something in the bushes move it was smaller than the other bear but similar in color and shape. They made a loud noise and suddenly the great bear rose up and looked around I ordered my dog to stay still and be quiet… But it wasn’t good enough the bear had saw us…She/he/it saw us and started rushing towards us I took off running with my dog…..

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More about myself:

I Alex love GIRAFFES and PLATYPI! I have a lot of fun studying them. I already know so many things about them!images-16.jpeg
I also love neon colors like purple, yellow, green, and blue!
I read a book called " A Dog's Purpose" it was one of the best books ever. It was about a dog who died, and kept reincarnating, he reincarnated many times until he/she found his/her purpose in life!