150779_109875409149513_1559271371_n.jpgHi, my name is Alexis. I have four sisters and three brothers. I have a lot of allergies. I am in 7th grade, and I'm loving it! A big chunk of my life is hanging out with friends. My favorite book that I read was Green Angel. It was a very heart touching book. My favorite color is green. If I don't understand something I go to www.youtube.com and look up the lesson.

My Mom
My Dad
My Sister

I live with my Mom and Dad and one of my sisters. I love them all.

Story #1:

When I lose something I freak out. Every time I lose something I think that my mom will yell at me or ground me or something, so I panic and look closely. Sometimes (I think) too closely because I will look in the same spot about fifteen to twenty times and it would be right in front of my face. Then I feel dim-witted or thick-skulled, which is pretty usual. :)

Once, I lost my phone and I thought I was going to get in a ton of trouble but after tearing my room up looking for it I finally asked my mom if she had seen it and she said it was charging in her room. I was so embarrassed, and felt like I just wanted to go to bed and wake up so me and my mom would forget it ever happened.

Story #2:

Weirdest Dream #1 – This is one dream I have had repeatedly. I live at this house. My mom tells me to grab something from our car. It was dark and mom was doing the dishes so I ran out to the car, then when I went to grab the item and I turned around. There, I saw my aunt in the backseat, dead. I put the thing back down where it was and I noticed something bright in the moonlit sky. But, it was my aunt her arms were straight across and her legs down touching each other. Her glowing hair flowing. It reminded me of the Atlantis movie when the girl floats to the sky... glowing. I woke up crying.


I love pie. My favorite kind is chocolate pudding. My mom has a chocolate addiction (but, don't we all!) All as in everyone who likes chocolate. Chocolate covered cherries are nasty. So, are peas; my sister is growing peas this year! I only eat peas in macaroni salad. My mom made some this weekend for a grill out yesterday. Yesterday, and the whole weekend I went to the Sheridan Springfest. I saw a lot of friends there but I only got to hang out with some of them.