Screen_shot_2012-05-21_at_10.33.45_AM.pngHello, my name is Alicia and here is a little summary about me.
In my free time I love to ride quads and do horse shows or even read a book. When I am home I am riding my horse or sleeping, I even eat my dinner on my horse. I am a busy horse woman, I always have to practice with my horse for upcoming shows. I love almost all animals, my 2 favorites are Horses and dogs. I own 5 horses, 3 cats, 4 dogs, and 2 rabbits. I have 3 older brothers(stupid) and 1 twin mckayla(perfect)

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Here are some of my QW stories

The Meet Up.

One bright sunny day sasha was riding her horse charm and with her best friend callie riding her horse black jack when they both noticed a truck and a trailer started to pull into there schools academy drive way, Callie and Sasha both stared at the truck and horse trailer as it got closer and closer to the barns entrance. Soon both Sasha and Callie noticed that there riding instructor was right there waithing for them to pay attention to him to tell them whats going on , they both turned there horse in there riding instructors. There will be a new student here a canterwood crest and she has a horse and will be in the riding school to.

My School Opinion

I HATE SCHOOL!!!!! There is nothing about school that I like well except for my friends and laptops other wise I want nothing to do with school because we half to work and get yelled at and then teachers choose favorites and then when they do that they start giving me bad grades and then me and my mom and dad get into huge arguments and then I want to live with my grandma forever and never go back unless the stop worrying so much and so I hate school. I want to go to a school where for gym we would ride horses and for ressec we would ride horses but we would still learn but that way it would be a whole lot more fun and I would actually want to wake up every morning to go to school . I wish I had a choice between this school and a school that has horses well I would no doubt choose the one with horses because I love horses they are my life.

My favorite book

My favorite book that I have read this year is Canterwood crest, it is about this girl named Sasha Silver who goes to boarding schools and she haves to go to a new boarding school with her horse. At her new school its much harder but that good for her riding skills. This book was very good and intresting, I could not keep my face out of that book, I had to keep reading. This story reminded me of my life but I don't go to a boarding school.

This is me and my horse copper