(when i was 10)

I am Andres I like too do all sorts of things I like to go out side, swim, bike riding and go to parties. I am 13 my favorite is blue, black and red theres nothing to really know about me i am always quite i some what like school (except tests). I like to go to the movie theaters I like action movies and some comedy like grown ups and I want to watch This Means War it like a spy vs spy movie its pretty funny.

My Favorite Stories

This man is one of the great sailor in history he has made many journeys in his past years but he is going to do the greatest journey he ever did. He was going to captain of the titanic it was a big thing everyone was talking about it in the papers. The day before he was going to leave he was walking along the bridge he was showing him the passing ships he was telling him that he was leaving again for a couple of days.He had to go to the orphanage until his father returned he had nobody to watch him his mother left when he was five. the the boys father left he showed him the titanic it was the biggest ship he had ever seen. The last the boys father had never returned every day the boy asked were his father said to the lady she never told him were he is she always started to ball up and tears went down here face the 10 year old boy no one in his life but his lost father.


My favorite teacher is Ms.Holt she was the best teacher in my 6th grade I liked her a lot she was my favorite. I always score A’s or B’s on my tests in her class she was my social studies and geography she told us too always to work hard and never steel. She always showed us movies but for class work we read a book called Two Moons it was the best book I ever read. I loved that teacher so much but she stayed at 6th grade when I went to 7th last year.

Editing and stuff

Editing is good because you can improve things like sentences and paragraphs it helps you. It makes things better it catches the mistakes and it spells wrong words and helps you in writing more creative stuff. Also give more examples and more things to add more stuff.

My favorite websites:
i like playing some games on they have some fun games.
My favorite game i like playing a lot is Burrito bison Revenge
you have to kill gummy bears and you get money and upgrade your bison pretty addictive game.

mr.wiggles 2.0 fluffy

(friend made the name)

The favorite book that I read is holes I always loved that book and the movie it it about a boy who was convicted of a crime for steeling a pair off shoes but he doesn't.And so he gets to go to a camp where there used to be a huge lake but its all dried up. He has to stay at the camp for 18 months they have to dig wholes every day and they have a mean person who runs the camp. She is looking for some things from kiss and kate barwlo she was a thief she used to be a teacher and she went on this rampage because the mayor of the town liked Kate he killed the man Kate loved. she went on the rampage because they killed the man she loved I don't know his name though.