Your_avatar.pngHi I am Ariel, I am in 7th grade and, I have two siblings. There names are Krista and Brandon. I have to animals, I have one cat and a dog, there names are Ashely the dog and Smoky the cat. I love to read because it is fun, the best books I have read this year would have to be the Hunger Games. Another thing I love to do is ride my dads bike with him. Here is one of the sites I love to go to cool math games to play this game that my sister got me hooked on it is called Fire-boy and Water-girl 3 in The Iceland, Papa's Freezeria.

These are some stories I have written

F is for your family
A is for “ I can already smell the food”
M Is for "fill me up I am hungry"
I is for "I love the food grandma makes"
L is for "loving the people around you"
Y is for "why dose the pie have to be so good"

The Hulk and Spider man, they would meet in town square or even in the middle of the ocean. When they meet they are going to talk for while and then spider man says “when you walk do you scare people,” that made the hulk upset and the hulk said back “ well you are no better you swing from string around buildings I can at least walk like a normal person.” This is the good part because spider man shout out a web and right into the hulks face, the hulk got it off and said to himself “Hulk smashed the ground right in front of Spider-Man.” Spider new what he was going to do so he made the webs come out and he was gone and never came back.

The weirdest dream I have had was when i was living in the trailer with my mom. We where going to bed and right when I fall asleep, is when I entered my weirdest dream of all, I heard this weird noise came from the living room and when I walked out there to see what the weird noise was and then I SCREAMED as loud as I could because there was a whole bunch of deer standing there so I ran back to my room and jumped in bed and covered my head with a blanket and then I said to my self " How did I hear the deer and my mom didn't." So when we wake up I knew for sure the deer where gone but they weren't because I was still in my dream and this time when i woke up all I seen was a whole bunch of eyes looking right at me, I SCREAMED again, and this time my mom heard me and came into my room and asked me why I was screaming and I said you don't see the deer and that was when my dreamed ended.